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kageprobably asked:

Cries really loud bc seriously why did they take out the swinging sword while running in skyward sword I thought we were moving forward were the sky people so primitive link couldn't imagine doing both at once what a great hero good choice goddess

Yeah!! Plus it probably would of been more amusing while using the wiimote lol


Anonymous asked:

famous cosplayer. she's friends with jessica nigri (who cosplayed as link with her as navi). worth a gander.

Ahh I see I see :0  I’m not into the whole cosplaying world but still amazing to see the work people put into it


Anonymous asked:

favourite Zelda game and why??

I’m pretty sure Twilight Princess became my favorite because a lot of the boss battles in that game are my favorite.  Also running and swinging Link’s sword at the same time might have something to do with it…..

thedieseltrain asked:

Why do you think Adult Link in oot doesn't just tell everyone in Kokiri that it's him?! This bugged me so much as a child! Like Saria knows it's him instantly yet everyone sees he's been missing then sees a guy with the same clothes just bigger!! Like... It's all a mess haha

How does one say “Hey so um it’s me Link except I’m not a kokiri and I’m actually a hylian and I grew up” when one communicates only through yelling. Haha nah jk I can understand why they wouldn’t recognize Link since they never grow up, but that always bothered me too. :( C’mon Link these guys were your friends. BUT! It’s probably just easier that way since he can no longer stay with them.  Keep it a mystery.  On the other hand though they probably would still be shocked/happy to see their friend again.

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